Who participates in Finna?

Partner organisations

The following organisations have provided material for Finna.

Archives (11)

Libraries (72)

Museums (60)


Use of the collections


You can browse through most archival material on the premises of individual archives. Scholars, students and ordinary citizens can apply for a research permit to access limited use material. In general, an attempt will be made to grant a permit.

All participating archives have provided Finna with material accessible on the web that is freely available for personal use.

Archival material on finna.fi


University and university of applied sciences libraries

Anyone can borrow material from most university and university of applied sciences libraries.

Applying for the right to borrow material from a new library does not always require applying for a new library card, since, in some cases, that right may already be included in a library card acquired earlier. Library service desks usually grant borrowing privileges.

University and university of applied sciences library material on finna.fi

City and provincial libraries

Anyone can borrow books and other material from public libraries in Finland. A Finnish address may be required to obtain a library card.

Public library material on finna.fi



Finna allows you to browse collections available on the web and not on view on site at museums and, for example, collections previously available only to scholars.

Many museums offer the opportunity to order print-quality images and purchase image rights for an additional fee.

Museum material on finna.fi



Further information

Further information on user rights is available on the Data protection page.

The What is Finna? page contains information on the sites included on Finna as well as additional services provided by Finna.